PhilHarmonia Octet
KAREL DOHNAL  clarinets
PŘEMYSL VOJTA  french horns

„Czech school of wind instruments“ has been represented very remarkably by „PhilHarmonia Octet“ since 2007 when this ensemble was founded by Vilém Veverka and Václav Vonášek.

One generation of Czech players noticed and influenced each other already at school (The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). The aim of the ensemble has been to compare Czech musical mastery to modern European musical styles and trends, to pursue the best Czech classical music can offer, to broaden their repertoire and the last but not least to enhance the Czech interpretative standard.

As the musical mastery is so characteristic for every member of this ensemble, PhilHarmonia Octet members accept challanges by way of international competitions whose winners they often achieve to be. Most of them also graduated from Universities all around the world and pursue careers of solo players.

PhilHarmonia Octet members are active in prominent European orchestras e.g. Berlin Philharmonic, WDR Köln or Czech Philharmonic. With the very unique interpretation, the ensemble works through different styles and epochs from the second part of the 18th century till the beginning of the new millennium.

On the top of that, the ensemble stands-out in performing many compositions in increased number of musicians i.e. W. A. Mozart / Serenade Es dur „Gran Partita“, A. Dvorak / Serenade d mol for Wind Instruments op. 44. The motivation of the ensemble is to seek more well-choosen adaptations e.g. (M. P. Mussorgsky / Pictures at an Exhibition).

The name of the ensemble could be explained in two ways: by the original meaning of the word „philharmonic“ - a fondness for harmony, and by the term „harmony“, used for this kind of ensembles since the time of classicism.

PhilHarmonia Octet has local as well as a worldwide reputation.

The topical CD of the ensemble from the year 2017 (Supraphon label) – „Music for Wind Instruments“ with compositions of L. v. Beethoven, G. Klein a W. A. Mozart is being considered the best Czech recording of its kind.


W. A. Mozart: Serenade no. 11 Es Dur KV 375
W. A. Mozart: Serenade c moll KV 388
W. A. Mozart: Serenade B Dur „ Gran Partita“ KV 361/370a
F.V. Krommer – Kramář: Partita Es Dur
Partita Es Dur „ La chasse“ PadK: IV 15
L. van Beethoven: Octet Es Dur op.103
Antonín Dvořák: Serenade d moll for Woodwinds
Eugéne Bozza: Octanphonie
Gideon Klein: Divertimento for wind octet
Edison Denisov: Octet
Arvo Pärt: Fratres
Isang Yun: Octet
Zdeněk Šesták: Sonata da camera for woodwind octet
Aleš Pavlorek: Light at end of tunnel

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W. A. Mozart: Serenade Es Dur KV 375