Jakub Hrůša

„The Bohemian Artists Concert Agency represents the best of a new generation of young Czech instrumentalists.

The Soloists and Chamber Ensembles which the agency represents not only guarantee the highest possible quality, but also offer refreshingly resourceful and less routine performances within a diverse repertoire.

Many of these individuals are familiar to me as current and former members of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra which I have directed since 2008 (V. Borovka, P. Brabcova, J. Brabec, V. Fürbach, J. Ševčík, V. Veverka, P.Vojta, V. Vonášek) or from my frequent collaboration with other leading orchestras (M. Petrák, O. Vrabec - Czech Philharmonic, V. Veverka – Brno Philharmonic Orchestra) and finally through appearances with such fantastic soloists (K. Dohnal, V. Veverka, P. Vojta).

I would highly recommend the work of all of these young artists to any music lovers and culture supporters but most of to the organizers of concerts and festivals who might wish to consider them.“

July 6 2014
Jakub Hrůša
music director and chief conductor of the PKF- Prague Philharmonia
guest conductor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra